All women and children accommodated by Orana House are provided with a comprehensive case management service. This is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy to meet their specific needs.


Women meet at least weekly with their case manager to develop and implement their individual support plan and review progress and achievements.


Staff advocate for women and children in many instances and with many external agencies. Staff assist with;

  • Family court processes and applications for Family Violence Restraining Orders

  • Enrolment in local schools and childcare centres,

  • Referrals to GP's and child health centres, legal services, housing, financial services, further education and employment etc.


We currently have a partnership with Centrecare whereby our clients can receive free individual counselling sessions from them and we have a volunteer financial counsellor that attends the service monthly to provide financial advice.

Children and Parenting


All children accommodated by Orana House are seen as clients in their own right and are assessed and have their own support plans.


Our child advocates make sure that children’s developmental and health needs are being met and make referrals to relevant agencies if required. They assist mums to enrol their children into daycare, kindy or school and undertake individual work directly with the children, the mums or with them both together.


Our focus is on improving attachment relationships and assisting mums to understand the needs of their children in the aftermath of the trauma caused by the family and domestic violence. Lots of work is done on structure and routines and understanding and managing difficult behaviour.



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